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You Can: Anti Bullying - Episode 1

I interviewed Lauren Seager-Smith from the Anti-Bullying Alliance and spoke about the great work her organisation does to prevent bullying in schools around the country.

You Can :Gurkha's in Britain - Episode 3

I was so lucky to have had Peter Carroll on my show talking about the challenges he and super star Joanna Lumley faced when they petitioned for Gurkha's the right to live in Britain. Nitesh Gurung's also in the interview sharing his experience as a first generation Gurkha in Britain.

You Can: Self Motivation - Episode 2

In this interview I was fortunate to interview Harry Singha from the great team of motivational guru Anthony Robbins.

You Can: Kick it Out Racism - Episode 4

It was a pleasure to interview Troy Townsend from the great organisation Kick It Out! He and his organisation fight on a daily basis to prevent racism in the UK Football teams including the major leagues.

You Can: Single Parenting - Episode 5

Brave and courageous single parent Ronnie Kiddell came on my show to share his experience as a single parent bringing up three children all by himself. He spoke about what actions he took to get help and assistance and I praised all single parents for the hard work they do day in and day out.

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