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About the Author...

Jag Singh is from London, UK, and is an inspirational speaker and writer. He is continuously campaigning in the areas of Anti-Bullying, Mental Health Awareness, and Anti-Hate Crime affecting the well-being of individuals and communities. Having had personal experience of all these challenges and victoriously travelled to the other side, his work now actively supports individuals who encounter such issues.

Jag supported the NSPCC (The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) as a volunteer by conducting seminars and workshops in child protection. He has hosted, produced, and written various motivational TV and radio shows to inspire others to achieve their goals. And he continually writes motivational articles for various internet magazines.

Growing up in East London during the 1970s surrounded by gangland warfare, drug syndicates and criminals, Jag broke free from this hostile environment to start his life again. He trains in the martial art of kickboxing and enjoys spending time with his family, working out in his gym, reading and meditating. He is also fluent in four languages.

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