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Based on true brutal events of the 1970s.

This deeply vivid and powerful narrative unpacks the events which are experienced by an Indian family during the 1970’s, in East London; at a time when merciless racists roam the streets. Canning Town is the epicentre for the battle between the English National Front and foreign immigrants. Ruthless attacks on ethnic minorities, executed by the NF, are frequent and devastating. Racist ideologies, are imprinted on many, which spill out to create widespread prejudice. In the middle of all this carnage is a young Indian boy, Jag Singh and his family. In order to survive this era, Jag and his innocent family have no other option, and are forced to become unbreakable…

"Deeply inciteful and powerful!"

- Henry Benson

"An amazing read and really reveals the scarring effects of racism."

- Josh Singh

"Fantastically written and very very brutal!"

- George Anthony
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