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‘Jag Singh is a natural communicator and presenter of exceptional talent.  The fact that he volunteers his time says more than words can about the strength and depth of his enthusiasm and passion for broadcast.  I have worked for many years with the media from the national to the international. Jag deserves gratitude for the hard work he does and will continue to do so.’ 

“It was great to speak to Jag. It was clear that he had done his research, and his interview manner made me feel relaxed and not pressured at all. His questions had a natural flow, and allowed me to deliver a positive message on behalf of Kick It Out.” 

"Jag approached the Anti-Bullying Alliance to support a programme he was making on bullying for Sikh TV.  Jag experienced systematic physical, verbal and emotional bullying throughout his schools years and has significant passion and drive for making a difference to children’s lives today.  He conducted the interview with professionalism and a heartfelt understanding of the issues.  We would not hesitate to recommend Jag – both as an interviewer, but also to tell his own story of growing up within a Sikh family in 70s London.  Sadly racist bullying is still rife in our country today and we need people like Jag out there reminding us of what it was like then – and what we’re in danger of returning to if discrimination and hate go unchecked in our schools and communities."

Lauren Seager-Smith, Anti- Bullying Alliance


"Jag lead a number of small group sessions during a “Respect and Inspire” day at William Edwards. Jag was enthusiastic and got all the students involved and engaged from the start. The students were interested in Jag’s views and beliefs and have used these ideas to complete work within other subjects. Jag was easy to work with and met a number of staff on the Focus Day. I plan to work with Jag again during future events. I would like to thank Tesco for allowing Jag time to visit our school and for providing free pens and pads for the students to make notes on”

Through my own involvement with various anti-bullying campaigns I came into contact with Jag. He shared his story with me – the continued physical and verbal abuse metered out by the kids at his school and local bullies who wondered the streets where he lived in East London. I write for children on mental and emotional issues including bullying, and Jag was keen to get his unforgettable experiences shared with as bigger audience as he could. To this end I’ve coached, praised and edited his work to make his story compelling to his readers yet faithful to his experiences. Jag, keep up the great work; bullying cannot be left unchallenged.

James Minter, Author

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